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Have you ever wanted to make a mobile bot but needed a chassis? Building a bot can get expensive. In this blog we show case an affordable and easy way to get started with a laser cut enclosure. Living hinges and motor mounts allow a secure and well designed housing for your electronics project. Try adding omni wheels for full range of motion. 

Robot Chassis- B4B
  • 3mm wood or acrylic
  • Laser cutter
  • 4 motors
  • *Connect to your development board of choice
Assemble -5

First download the SVG file from our GitHub. 

Set up your laser cutter and print the file.

Assemble -1
Assemble -2
Assemble -3
Assemble -4
- 3mm
Did you make this project? Share feedback on pro’s and cons we’ll do our best to update files as needed.

Laser cut, birchwood, Full Spectrum, Enclosure, Robotics

Custom Laser cut design

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USD 49.99/ per file

Laser cut enclosure SVG

Assembly PDF



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Puppy Badge – Solder, Color & Blink.


DIY led puppy badge. White PCB in a puppy shape. DIY to wear. Try adding color. Customize it! Ruff ruff enjoy.

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What is it?

Cuteness overload! Puppy shaped circuit board kit. Comes in white so coloring is optional. Unsoldered


  • x2 1206 (3216 metric) vibrant blue leds, x2 SMD and x2 100 Ohms resistors
  • 1 mini tactile easy push button
  • 1 silver tone pin back clasp (1 inch), and
  • 1 2032 surface mount coin size battery holder. *+tive and -tive marked polarity indicators.
Battery not included 1 year battery life.

Why did you make it?

Provide an entry level soldering kit.

What makes it special?

Unique and cute. If you love dogs we hope you’ll love this little one too. It’s a one of a kind pup badge that is sure to grab attention. Use it to teach STEM. Add it to your collection.

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