Bot Chassis – Laser Cut

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Have you ever wanted to make a mobile bot but needed a chassis? Building a bot can get expensive. In this blog we show case an affordable and easy way to get started with a laser cut enclosure. Living hinges and motor mounts allow a secure and well designed housing for your electronics project. Try adding omni wheels for full range of motion. 

Robot Chassis- B4B
  • 3mm wood or acrylic
  • Laser cutter
  • 4 motors
  • *Connect to your development board of choice
Assemble -5

First download the SVG file from our GitHub. 

Set up your laser cutter and print the file.

Assemble -1
Assemble -2
Assemble -3
Assemble -4
- 3mm
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Laser cut, birchwood, Full Spectrum, Enclosure, Robotics

Custom Laser cut design

Best Choice

USD 49.99/ per file

Laser cut enclosure SVG

Assembly PDF